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Frères Branchiaux

50ml Eau de Perfume: Amber Nights

50ml Eau de Perfume: Amber Nights

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Amber Nights: A Tranquil Escape Under the Starlit Sky

Unwind and reconnect with nature's embrace with Amber Nights, an eau de parfum that evokes the tranquility of a starlit evening. This captivating fragrance is a journey through the senses, weaving together earthy notes with a touch of unexpected vibrancy.

Long-lasting and thoughtfully crafted, our 50ml eau de parfum is perfect for everyday wear. Frères Branchiaux fragrances are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of sulfates and known endocrine disruptors. We source our ingredients ethically and a portion of every purchase supports organizations tackling homelessness.

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